We have embarked on this project mission to NURTURE and equip ALL KIDS IN THEIR CRITICAL FORMATIVE YEARS with Financial Education, that will harness and develop their creative potential for a fulfilling adulthood.

To alleviate poverty, and effectively tackle the widening income-inequality gap in America and beyond, the Author of our book series and his publisher, AuthorHouse, have agreed and, quite frankly, determined to make the book series available to school kids, free of charge.

We are calling on Companies, Corporations, Foundations, Governments and Individuals TO DONATE OUR books to schools so that no kid is left out

No Kid Left Behind

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The missing piece

Education is THE KEY to success (i.e. mastery) in any field of enterprise. Financial Education is THE KEY to Financial Success. We have embarked on this book series to help nurture, educate, and inspire kids to unlock their highest potentials and fulfill their dreams by becoming financially emancipated through problem-solving and value-creation. It will help them cultivate the “producer” mindset, i.e. producers of goods, services, and problem-solving ideas, which is a paradigm shift from the overly simplistic familiar mantra [ go to school to get a job,] that has produced such mediocre results as has been obvious for all to see.

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