is a publication project with the sole purpose of alleviating poverty, and effectively tackle the widening income-inequality gap in America and beyond.

Our published book series will help nurture, educate, and inspire kids to unlock their highest potentials and fulfil their dreams by becoming financially emancipated through problem-solving and value-creation.

It will help them cultivate the “producer” mindset, i.e. producers of goods, services, and problem-solving ideas. This’ll be a paradigm shift from the oversimplified, but popular mantra [ go to school to get a job,] which is producing such mediocre results, including graduate unemployment, under-employment, and under-achievement.

This will help them sufficiently understand the ubiquitous capitalist economic system, and adequately prepare themselves as the ultimate solution to their own economic prosperity, rather than erroneously believing it’s incumbent upon their employers and/or system governments to bestow prosperity.